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  • Are you working across disciplines and complex organizations to meet your customers’ needs? Are there overt and hidden snarls that impede the outcomes? Smart Work will change everything. Often called the “bible” for effective communication, Smart Work will enable you to navigate complexity, time pressure and people problems. Download your free chapters!

  • Smart Work: The “Bible” for Effective Workplace Communication.

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…behavior has become the 21st Century’s killer app…

(Dov Seidman)


Syntax for Change:  Leading Edge Design for the Future of Work


In today’s accelerated global corporate culture, navigating change and influencing employees to make great decisions has never been so important.  Organizations that understand human behavior and know how to communicate effectively will, without a doubt, significantly outperform and outshine competitors clinging to yesterday’s thinking and methodologies.

Statistics prove out what leaders are seeing — namely, that we are now in the era of behavior.

-           64% of CMOs want to approach customers as individuals

-           71% of CIOs see communication moving towards more social/digital collaboration

-            55% of CHROs foresee increasing organizational openness

How about you?

Are you up at night worrying about the fact that your company hasn’t transformed fast enough to be responsive to customers?

Are “the rules” choking collaboration?

Are you being hamstrung by an ineffective culture?

Are your talented employees frustrated by old-school leadership styles?

Are you ready for a comprehensive, relevant, and transferable skill base that outlasts the fads and aligns all levels to focus on strategic goals?

Well, you have come to the right place.

Whatever your role in creating improved performance, retention, and morale, Syntax For Change can enable you to master change – and not be trampled by it.

We are recognized leaders in the syntax, or natural structure, of change.  We specialize in industry-specific design and training modules that equip leaders, teams and corporate cultures to collaborate well, communicate effectively, achieve influence and, best of all, thrive amid ongoing change.

Syntax’s proven record over decades is why its clients include leading executive officers, managers, human resource departments, organizational development professionals, coaches and consultants in America and overseas.




Lucy D. Freedman – Founder and CEO



Founder and CEO of Syntax For Change, Lucy D. Freedman is a leading expert in the structure, or syntax, of change. Having a life-long passion for enabling people to communicate and connect with honor, respect, and understanding, Lucy has decades of study and practice in interpersonal behavior as a teacher, corporate trainer, therapist, consultant, and coach.

Drawing from methods including transactional analysis, neurolinguistics and experts such as Dr. Milton Erickson and Fernando Flores, Freedman specializes in the practical techniques, perceptions and behavior essential to advancing communication, influence and human effectiveness in an environment of rapid change.

Freedman’s clients come from every profession including corporate executives, high-tech engineers and scientists, consultants and coaches. Numerous Fortune 500 companies – including Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Agilent and Intel — have integrated Syntax training programs as part of their leadership development and internal change projects.



Cultivating Change: The Syntax for Change 2014 Global Telesummit

Groundbreaking Approaches to Personal and Organizational Change that Every Consultant and Change Agent Should Know


Experts agree. Organizations that employ the distinctions of human behavior and communicate to their team with effectiveness will leave competitors lacking these non-negotiable skills in their dust.

The 2014 Syntax Global Telesummit on Cultivating Change is a master-level gathering of pioneers and specialists in change. Presented by Syntax for Change, a recognized leader in the syntax, or structure, of change, leading experts will provide their insight, perspective and methodologies that are proving essential to change professionals in this rapidly accelerating field.

For professionals in the field of change, now is the time to hear what the experts are saying.

Don’t miss out. Register now. Space is limited.


Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence


Author Lucy Freedman has taken the mystery out of great communication.

In Smart Work, she reveals the five behavioral categories that set outstanding communicators apart from the crowd. Addressing these categories in logical sequence and showing how to become skilled at each one, Freedman shows clearly how you can achieve influence by understanding the natural structure of human communication.

Called the “bible” for highly effective communication, Smart Work is a must read for anyone seeking to communicate successfully in one-to-one or group settings.


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